What is affiliate marketing and who is it for?

In our article you will find all the useful information on the subject.

What is an affiliate?
If you have a website or an active follower of social media sites and you want this agency to be available, affiliate marketing provides a high quality service.

Imagine you have an online store. You want more customers as you end the friendship and recommend your online store to their friends. If you have sensual new buyers on it, everyone really buys, you reward a friendly commission. This is exactly how an affiliate works: advertisers give you a successful sales result with a commission to the buying broker, i.e. the affiliate.concepts
Company / company who want to increase sales. It could be a webshop, an intermediary for various services (eg loans). 
Partner (content producer, publisher) – An individual or company you want to improve if you provide the service. An affiliate can be a blogger, the owner of various websites, web projects, or any influencer who has their own website and social networking sites.
Campaign – The advertiser has their own campaign within the network, which includes all the necessary information, the amount of a commission, and the promotions of a campaign. (select the country in a filter).
Partner link – Unique URL, partner when joining the appropriate campaign. Shoppers represent this type of commission between ads and networks, so visitors are more likely to come to the web store and accept the commission.
Affiliate Network – The affiliate network acts as a link between advertisers and partners. The network level is the administrative burden of a two-party shoulder apart from one’s advertising campaigns, and it manages a commission payment level.
Cookies – “Cookies” (cookies) is a package of information that identifies a website visitor’s game and means which co-author has arrived. Temporary file, easily accessible visitor’s browser is gone. Imagine it being an invisible sticker: we temporarily stick this sticker on a visitor, marking with it that it came from us. If you buy, the web store will know about it, so it came from us, so approved a commission for you. “Cookies” ensure that an affiliate receives a commission if a customer is placed in the web store a few days later.
Commission – Conversion is called buying in a unique way: buying, filling out a form, a brochure manual, and more. You receive a financial commission from each partner for each conversion. The campaign description specifies a commission selection for each campaign and is included in a campaign description.
How does affiliate marketing work in practice?
Partner (content producer, website owner) registers in the affiliate network. At Dognet, registration and use of the network is free.
An ad request verified in the admin interface that allows your ID.
You place the specific advertising elements on your page at your own discretion (links, products, banners…).
You can create alternative sources of revenue in the form of a unified newsletter.
If a particular link can be easily passed to an advertiser’s page (web store) and customers (take action), we need to register the link for the conversion and accept a commission from the partner.
The technical side of campaigns
The Brain above is written, each partner has its own ID – a unique URL, the ID of any partner. Based on this, we can identify if we are really buying emotions as a partner for a website, the web store.