What is affiliate marketing and who is it for?

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How do I start and run an affiliate campaign?
Embedding the campaign is key to the project. And it’s not just about embedding banners – if you just think about it, things won’t work. In an affiliate campaign, recommending specific products or product categories works best. Find a problem that your visitors are looking for an answer to and suggest a solution to it.

Product recommendation by clicking on the advertiser
Do you write about bags or cosmetics? Place a link in the text to an image, button, or simply in the text. It is best to place these in thematic articles. In many cases, people read articles when they are looking for an answer to a problem: offer them a solution in the form of a product and earn a commission from the sale! Show him the product, make a detailed, demanding description of it – that is, give him as much information as possible to help him make a purchase.

Thematic articles with products
A good strategy is to start a topic and directly suggest a solution. So, for example, you’re writing an article on how to choose pillows for your apartment, or just what kind of washing machine to buy. Choose a few products, read on, and create a sophisticated article in which you also recommend advertisers. Not only will you create interesting content, it will also bring you readers from Google’s search engine who are interested in the topic and ready to make a purchase. It’s ideal for addressing readers who are already planning to make a purchase, as they have a much higher chance of making a purchase, which increases your chances of earning a commission.

Social media
Do you have a relatively large social media site or group? Share the product with the affiliate link or upload an image next to which you will insert an abbreviated affiliate link via bit.ly! But be careful not to spam your followers. Your campaign will be most effective if you offer the most relevant products to your followers.